Hollywood, FL House Cleaning and Maid Service

Hollywood, FL House Cleaning Service

Hollywood, FL House Cleaning and Maid Service

Pop quiz! Are you ready? No? Well, follow along and see how you do. We’ll make it as easy as possible. Got your pencils ready? Let’s begin.

1. I need some help cleaning my house. I think I’ll call:

a. The Ghostbusters
b. My mother-in-law

c. The renowned, Hollywood, FL maid service and cleaning professionals with Book a Homekeeper

If you chose “C,” then you’ve correctly picked a real-life, low-stress option to give you the help you deserve without the risk of slime or passive aggressive judgment.

Ready for the next question? Good.

2. If I had more free time, I’d spend it _____________.

a. Getting a root canal

b. Making my home spic and span from top to bottom

c. Doing anything but “a” or “b”

If you answered “C,” then the Hollywood, FL house cleaning and maid service professionals can help you create a lifestyle that’s way more fun than a visit to the dentist, and much more fitting to the lifestyle you crave, but maybe don’t currently have the time for.

You’d be surprised at just how much time you can free up when keeping your house clean is left to the Hollywood, FL-based house cleaning and maid service professionals at Book a Homekeeper.

Let’s keep going! (You’re doing great, by the way…)

Hollywood, FL House Cleaning Service

Hollywood, FL Maid Service

True or False: Competitive toilet scrubbing is the latest sport to gain entry into the summer Olympics.

Unfortunately for the talented housecleaning and maid service professionals of Hollywood, FL’s Book a Homekeeper, this answer is undeniably “False.” But if you find routine house chores far from the fun level of a competitive sport, we’ve got great news for you: Our housecleaning and maid service staff members most certainly do! For an Olympic-size clean worthy of a medal, call or visit us online to schedule your own house cleaning today!

Book a Homekeeper allows you to schedule house cleaning and maid

 Hollywood, FL Maid Service

service appointments

a. Every week

b. Every other week

c. Once a month

d. All the above, with even more customizable options to fit your scheduling needs.

If you picked “D,” you’re at genius level on our little test so far. That’s because, at Hollywood, FL based Book a Homekeeper, we know that your schedule and need for clean can be often and ongoing, infrequent and random, or anywhere in between. And that’s just fine with us! Our house cleaning and Hollywood, FL maid service pros will meet you on your time, and complete as few or as many tasks as you’d like. Still have doubts? Try us! Seeing is believing.

True or False: Working with Hollywood, FL’s Book a Homekeeper means I’m too lazy to clean on my own.

False, false, false! Everyone needs a bit of help from time to time. And why not? You live a busy life, with a jam-packed schedule full of demands. Hiring our dedicated Hollywood, FL house cleaning and maid service aficionados to whip your home into tip top shape gives you more room to be wonderful, fabulous you (complete with fewer shoes to trip over, freshly-vacuumed floors, and sparkly-clean countertops to boot!)

Congratulations, you’ve aced the quiz! Now, celebrate your hard work by giving the seasoned crew at Book a Homekeeper a call to schedule your first cleaning today!

Class dismissed!

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