Cape Coral, FL House Cleaning and Maid Service

Cape Coral, FL House Cleaning Service

Cape Coral, FL House Cleaning and Maid Service

Story time! Are you ready?! Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young woman, named…. Clean-derella… in the great land of Cape Coral, FL. Her undeniable beauty led her to be the disdain of her mean stepmother and ugly (jealous stepsisters). The three women made Clean-derella’s life a constant bore—and chore, enlisting her as a one-woman Cape Coral, FL house cleaning and maid service. All day long, she scrubbed, and vacuumed, dusted and tidied. It was enough to drive her crazy.

And what was worse, each time Clean-derella thought she had finished her chores, the women would find more for her to do!

“Dust the banister!” Cried her stepmother.

“Clean the vents!” Shouted one stepsister.

“Do the dishes!” screeched the other.

One day, it became too much for Clean-derella to bear. She collapsed in a heap, and began to cry, as she had seen many beautiful women down on their luck do the same thing in movies and on TV. (She thought perhaps it might help.)

Cape Coral, FL House Cleaning Service

Soon enough, she felt a soft tap from a duster on her shoulder. She turned around to see a team of Cape Coral, FL  house cleaning and maid service professionals from the Cape Floral, FL-based Book a Homekeeper at her side.

Cape Coral, Fl Maid Service

“We can help you!” Said one of cheery cleaners—the one who’d gotten her attention with that feather duster.

Clean-derella rubbed her eyes to assure herself she wasn’t having a dream. But it was true! Right in her own Cape Floral, FL neighborhood existed a real-life staff of happy-go-lucky house cleaning and Cape Coral, FL  maid service professionals, ready to help her complete every last daunting task on her evil stepmother’s to-do list.

“Do you do windows?” Clean-derella sniffled.

“Of course!” Chirped one Cape Coral, FL maid service.

“How about dishes?” Clean-derella inquired.

“If it’s dirty, we’ll wash it!” said another.

“I don’t have any more cleaning supplies,” Clean-derella confessed.

“Oh, but we do!” said still one more merry Cape Coral, FL maid service.

“But I’ll need you every week!” Clean-derella stammered.

“Then we’ll visit you every week!” Chimed the duster carrying cleaner.

“Can you start now?” Clean-derella inquired.

The happy house cleaners said nothing, instead setting about to work. They cleaned the cupboards, tidied the tables, polished the floors, and created a glow of clean that shone across the entire Cape Coral, FL community.

The magical house cleaning visitors did such a good job that Clean-derella’s stepmother and stepsisters insisted she keep up the good work. Free of her tears, Clean-derella fretted no more—she simply called on her trusty team of Cape Floral, FL house cleaners, week in and week out, putting her fears to rest and her once-daunting cleaning chores into the capable hands of her favorite Cape Coral, FL maid service.

Don’t believe this fairy tale can come true for you? Well, it can! The magical maids are not a myth! They’re our staff at Book a Homekeeper here in Cape Floral, FL, and they’re ready to help you make all your cleaning dreams come true, too!

Cape Coral, Fl Maid Service

So what are you waiting for?! Bippity, boppity book an appointment with Cape Coral, FL maid service Book a Homekeeper today!

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